Fair Trade

Our products are designed with People in mind

How It Benefits You

For decades, people have increasingly cared about the environment: Created with our Planet in mind. Today's standard is environmentally friendly, from reducing pollution to recycling. Being green is no longer enough...

As globalization continues to change our world, we must ensure that all People benefit - not just a select few. Because of intense market competition, hundreds of millions of workers worldwide are paid too little to live decently. To be a good corporate citizen or an ethical consumer, it’s essential to embrace "social justice", starting with the raw materials used in our product to the finished product.

Fair Trade: Created with People in mind. Through Fair Trade, workers in the developing world benefit from:

At Can Toy, we're doing our part. We offer the world’s first brand of Fair Trade Pet products: the workers who grow and harvest rubber and cotton for our Can Toy products receive a Fair Trade premium, above and beyond market rates. This enables them to live better lives, and fosters a healthier global environment for all.

Our raw materials are sourced from Fair Trade projects in cooperation with Fair Deal Trading, which offers more than 30 years Fair Trade experience. Fair Deal Trading’s transparent chain of custody guarantees safe work conditions, Fair Trade premiums, and social justice in the developing world.

And lives are being transformed. One example is a group of rubber plantation workers in Sri Lanka who had no running water. Getting water for cooking, bathing – even drinking – involved the back-breaking work of hiking to a creek and carrying it back - by hand. At 1 kilogram per liter (or roughly 8 pounds per gallon), that’s a lot of work for a simple necessity we take for granted.

In 2009 Can Toy began sourcing natural rubber from the workers in cooperation with Fair Deal Trading. The workers chose to use some of the proceeds of the Fair Trade premium to build a well, pump station and piping to supply water to their homes, and now enjoy clean running water for the first time.

Your purchase of our high-quality products will help others live better. You’ll enjoy extra satisfaction with every purchase, knowing that each Can Toy product helps children, women and men lift themselves out of squalor, and start enjoying a decent life. From creating safer work conditions to decent living standards, Fair Trade is a beacon of hope of hundreds of millions of people worldwide – and it shines positively on you.