At Can Toy, we're creating a line of select products that Pets - and their people - want. From chew toys to beds, from treat dispensers to leashes, we have the products that Pet guardians need.

And we value long-term relationships, from our distributors to our suppliers, from our customers to our fair trade partners. Our family has been designing, crafting and distributing rubber products for more than 70 years. As a 3rd generation family business, we’ll be your partner for decades to come, crafting high-quality, best-selling pet products.

Our products are safe and wholesome - focus on toys get in contact with the children, pets and the whole family... We use organic and/or otherwise sustainably produced natural materials. The integrity of our materials is guaranteed by a transparent, carefully monitored chain of custody, from the cotton plant or rubber tree to the finished product. All Can Toy products from the raw material to the finished good are tested for purity and safety.

Our products are durable - With more than 70 years in making rubber products, and more than a decade in the Pet business, our products are Pet-tested and time-tested. Can Toy goods are designed and manufactured under strict supervision, and validated for quality, strength and durability.