Cotton Dog Leash

Part No. Part Name Size cm ["]
10200037 CTL1 - 1" Large 1" Width / 6' Length [26mm x 1,8m]
10200038 CTL2 - 3/4" Medium 3/4” Width / 6’ Length [20mm x 1,8m]
10200039 CTL3 - 1/2" Small 1/2" Width / 6' Length [13mm x 1,8m]


"World’s First Fair Trade , Organic Cotton Dog Leash!"


Fair Trade

Our cotton farmers receive a Fair Trade premium.

Our farmers have used FAIR TRADE premiums to enjoy safe drinking water, improve education for their children, and more

Fair Deal Trading guarantees our Fair Trade premium and safe work conditions.


Environmentally Sustainable

Can Toy cotton canvas is certified organic, using only natural pest control – no chemicals!. Soil is replenished naturally.

Sourced from small, sustainable farming cooperatives in southern India.

Cotton is a renewable resource and raw material