Natural Rubber Dog Chew Toy

Part No. Part Name Recom. for dog size / weight
10200025 CT2 Medium Can Toy Rubber 0-35lb. [0-15kg]
10200024 CT1 Large Can Toy Rubber 30-65lb. [15-30kg]
10200027 CT XLX Large Can Toy Rubber 60-90lb. [25-40kg]


"World's First Fair Trade Dog Toy!"


Fair Trade

Our rubber plantation workers receive a Fair Trade premium.

Our workers use Fair Trade premiums to enjoy save drinking water, improve education for their children, and more.

Fair Deal trading guarantees our Fair Trade premium and safe work conditions


Environmentally Sustainable

Can Toy chew toys are made from natural rubber, a renewable resource and raw material.

Our rubber is from responsibly-managed plantations, cerified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) cain of custody number: SCS-COC-002453.